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Bidding Help
How to Bid? 

1. Log into your account

2. Bid on any item by entering the value you are willing to pay for the item

3. Note that your bid has to at least match the minimum bid listed automatically

4. You can always place a higher bid according to how much you are willing to pay for an item

5. When you place a bid higher than the minimum bid, the system will then automatically bid for you

6. Please note we will never place a bid that is higher than the bid you placed

7. The Auto Bid system is designed to save you money and give you the best possible chance to win the auction at the lowest possible price

8. This way you can decide the maximum price you are willing to pay for an item and still have a good chance of winning at a lower price than your maximum bid

Here’s an Example

1. Another user (lets say User 1) places a bid of 200 Baht and you place a bid of 300 Baht

2. Now instead of your bid being put at 300 baht, our algorithm adjusts your bid down to 210 baht (your 300 baht auction becomes your bidding ceiling)

3. User 1 now places a bid of 250 baht. Our system automatically bids the same amount for you, 250 baht, as you have entered that you are willing to pay maximum 300 baht for the item

4. You are still winning the auction at 250 baht. User 1 now places a bid of 300 baht that matches your original bid

5. In this instance the system automatically matches User 1’s bid. You are still winning the auction with the bid of 300 baht

6. User 1 now places a bid of 310 baht and outbids you allowing them to occupy the winning position in the auction.

7. If you wish to place another bid to regain the winning position you will need to place a higher bid than 310 baht.

8. As you can see, the Chilindo Autobid system is designed to help you win auctions at the best possible prices

Tip: A good strategy can be to place a high maximum overall bid from the start, as it gives you a higher overall chance to win the auction, especially if another user only matches your bid